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Sunday, 14 March 2010

March 13th - ATC and Card Making Club

The theme for this month's meeting was envelopes and wire.

The idea was to give people some ideas about using envelopes as toppers. Envelopes for toppers can be bought in packets, cut out using dies and assembled, drawn and cut out from paper using templates.... It was also the opportunity to play with wire and sealing wax.

The Project Card

The Project ATC

This card has a wax seal on the main envelope topper, also this same envelope is padded.

The envelope topper has been lined with the same paper as the backing paper.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

6th February - ATC and Card Making Club

The theme for this month's club was creating Tags as toppers. These are the inspirational cards I made for the ATC and Card Making Club for this month.

This was the project card - Used Sue Smith papers/kit

This was a card shaped as a tag and more tags attached - Used Michele Marsden/Redhot Bed materials

The Giraffe Image is from Craft Creations - this was the groups favourite card.

This card was my personal favourite - Again the image is from Craft Creations. The idea behind doing tag toppers was to get the group to experiment with putting toppers on a card at an angle. This comes more naturally with a tag shape topper.

Finally like ATC, tags are also a popular swapping/calling card.