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Saturday, 30 October 2010

October 2nd - Frames

Frames go on top of an image, whereas mats/layers go underneath

Project ATCs

Project Card
Frames are great for attaching embellishments, ribbons, tags and tabs.

Frames can be used on their own. Choice of background paper is critical.

Frames used to create a background

Frames do not have to have a picture in them.

September 25th - Masking

All these ATCs involved the use of masking to either put colour in a particular area in a particular shape or to keep a particular area/shape clear of colour.

These are the toppers created during the initial demonstration/inspiration session.

Some finished cards

September 4th - Serviettes

When working with Serviettes you do need to work with Spray Glue (or spray mount), so you will need to use a box or similar as your spraying booth. It is worth investing in a good brand. It is very good for vellum as well.

All the serviettes were stuck onto plain white paper first before cutting to size and sticking on the cards. When cutting most people found they got clearner edges if they cut with the serviette image upwards.

To give the toppers some protection we found that Crafter's Companions Spray and Shine varnish was the best. Spray glitter over the "background" serviette (ie the ones with an overall pattern or plain) was also very effective. Ordinary glitter glue was great for highlighting sections - use a small paint brush rather than apply direct through the nozzle.

This was the project card. Yes, the crumbs background paper is also a serviette as well a the cupcakes.

This card the vellum was also stuck on using spray mount.

For this card the embossed serviette border was also used as well as the smooth image.

When you have got used to serviettes think about using patterned kitchen roll, patterned tissues and even patterned toilet paper!

This card uses kitchen roll as a background paper.

With the pieces left over from the project card, here are some of the ATCs created.