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Monday, 7 November 2016

December 3rd - Hot Air Balloons and Floral Cards

This month we are making some male cards with the theme of Hot Air Balloons, across the sky backgrounds we created last month, with our Brushos, Burst Powders and/or Pixie Powders.

We also played with making some of the cards from Cardmaking and Papercrafting Magazine, using the papers that you can download from the website for free.

The backgrounds with Phill Martin's Grunge borders were a favourite and so I can see the powders coming out and the making of more background, in the near future.

November 5th - Travel

First of all this month we played with creating backgrounds for the Hot Air Balloon cards we will be making next month, so that they had time to dry before the class finished.

After the lunch break we made a start on the following three cards.

Card 1 - This was a revision of a waterfall card - papers and mechanism all downloaded from Craftsuprint.

Card 2 - I was going through my old craft magazines and taking out the bits that I wanted to kept.  When I came across the papers to make this card.  So the were still on the card-making and papercraft website, so I could download them and print them on better paper.

Card 3 - This was a shape of card I came across whilst searching the internet for inspiration one day.  It was a shape that no-one in the group had made before.

October 1st - Mixed Media - Part 2

For homework from last month the canvases had to be completed gesso'd 5 or 6 times to get an all over white coat.

This month we add some colour, some micro beads, some gilding wax, some glitter jewels and some white highlights and a message/word if we wanted.  So far I have only managed to finish sticking on the bits and pieces and gesso one of the canvas.

Sept 3rd - Mixed Media

A change to the published schedule. The group saw what I had created at workshop with Julia Watts and wanted to have a go themselves.  The following three images are Julia's.

This next one is mine from Julia's workshop.

Decided to be more ambitious with the one at craft class.

Only got as far as getting the layout of the bits.

August 13th - Crystal Laquer

Using the "Caught in Crystal" technique, we created a series of backgrounds on acetate.  We "caught" PVA glue, alcohol inks, die inks, mica powder, glitter, coloured craft tissue paper....

July 2nd - Painting Bottles.

We saved some jars from home, bought bottles from the Charity Shops and Supermarkets for painting this month.  First of all we gesso'd the bottles, before adding colour and paper transfers.  Also decoupaged some glasses and added tea lights to them.

Wished I had seen these bottles of Hels Sheridan before the class.

This is a decorated jar from a recent Dreamees workshop - started there and finished at home.

June 4th - Cancelled due to ill health of members

Monday, 9 May 2016

May - Leonie Pujol's Stamps and Stencils/Masks

This month we played with the first release of Leonie's stamps and stencil/masks.

I am still trying to decide how to finish them off.

Create - background created by using a bit of cut'n'dry foam and loading up with colour on the end of the foam, and then swiping from the centre of the mask outwards.

Used a brush to create the stripes over the mask.  Do I colour the birds or paper piece them or what?  Take extra care with the Sing masks, most of mine have lost their S's due to mask breakage, what letters could I add 'ing' to?

Fun - a work in progress, the mask is still stuck in place, waiting to be stamped over.

Home - done at a Julia Watts - stencil masterclass.

The following was also done at Julia's workshop.

This is a skinny sent to me in a swap - they used Leonie's Stamps and Mask.  (Skinny is a piece of work 3 inches by 6 inches)

This was a card I spotted on the internet that was not linked to Crafter's Companion, Hochanda or the Design posts - like the idea - more adventurous than I was with my Crazy Birds

and there then was this one going a step further and using stampbord

April - Tim Holtz Tags

Personal request for this month.  I have been stocking up over the years on the products that Tim uses on his tags, so that I can have a play with them, but have never got round to it.

So this month brought all the materials I had and made the January 2016 tag plus the two tags that Tim linked to this tag.

Tags not identical to Tim's as had to modify the designs, as I found that I had two alarm clock dies and not one alarm clock and one stopwatch.  Also did not want the alarm clock on two tags out of the three, when I mounted them on my A4 Canvas board.

March - Background Dies

This month we made some cards where the main feature was the background card.

February - Clocks

Using the Indigoblu Clocks kit made a small circular clock before the class, so the class could see what they were aiming for.

While explaining to the class how to get this clock, I made the following clock.

January 2016 - Cancelled

Classed cancelled due to tutor's illness - not such a happy start to the new year.