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Monday, 9 May 2016

May - Leonie Pujol's Stamps and Stencils/Masks

This month we played with the first release of Leonie's stamps and stencil/masks.

I am still trying to decide how to finish them off.

Create - background created by using a bit of cut'n'dry foam and loading up with colour on the end of the foam, and then swiping from the centre of the mask outwards.

Used a brush to create the stripes over the mask.  Do I colour the birds or paper piece them or what?  Take extra care with the Sing masks, most of mine have lost their S's due to mask breakage, what letters could I add 'ing' to?

Fun - a work in progress, the mask is still stuck in place, waiting to be stamped over.

Home - done at a Julia Watts - stencil masterclass.

The following was also done at Julia's workshop.

This is a skinny sent to me in a swap - they used Leonie's Stamps and Mask.  (Skinny is a piece of work 3 inches by 6 inches)

This was a card I spotted on the internet that was not linked to Crafter's Companion, Hochanda or the Design posts - like the idea - more adventurous than I was with my Crazy Birds

and there then was this one going a step further and using stampbord

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