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Monday, 7 November 2016

November 5th - Travel

First of all this month we played with creating backgrounds for the Hot Air Balloon cards we will be making next month, so that they had time to dry before the class finished.

After the lunch break we made a start on the following three cards.

Card 1 - This was a revision of a waterfall card - papers and mechanism all downloaded from Craftsuprint.

Card 2 - I was going through my old craft magazines and taking out the bits that I wanted to kept.  When I came across the papers to make this card.  So the were still on the card-making and papercraft website, so I could download them and print them on better paper.

Card 3 - This was a shape of card I came across whilst searching the internet for inspiration one day.  It was a shape that no-one in the group had made before.

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