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Saturday, 9 November 2013

November 3rd - Slap It On

The projects this month were inspired by a swap project I had done earlier in the year.

The swap project was done of a piece of mountboard measuring 13 cm by 13 cm.

As the latest trend seems to be decorating MDF pieces measuring 6 inches by 6 inches, the pattern had to be scaled up and modified for the first project.
The second project.

The third project.
Each piece of wood, for projects one and two. was initially Gesso'd, then painted with neutral emulsion.   Then given a second coat of the neutral emulsion, and while this was still wet, a dark colour was blended in.  Then the wet paint was splattered with water and allowed to dry for about 30 minutes, when it was blotted with kitchen roll, creating a distressed look. and then was allowed to dry thoroughly.
Then the music and cog patterns were stamped on tissue paper (the blow your nose type, not the wrapping paper type), and these were then ripped up and stuck onto the boards using wet glue (Slap it on, mod podge, etc).
For the third project some floral serviettes were cut up, and the flowers applied around the edges using wet glue.
It is important that the whole board is given a coating of glue, so that you don't get dull and shiny bits.
Then the boards were stamped on and embossed, shapes etc cut out and applied to the boards.  For projects one and two, gilding flakes where applied around the edges.
So a lot of different techniques were used.


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